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Repeat prescription requests

It is practice policy that we must have 48 hours notice for repeat prescription requests.
Patients should request scripts at least two working days in advance of when the script is needed.

Patients must be informed that prescriptions handed in on Friday will not be ready until Tuesday due to staff not being here at the weekend.

The tick-slip - the computer-generated right-hand-side of the script should be used to order the prescription, the patient ticking the boxes of all the items required. If no boxes are ticked, the patient should be contacted to confirm which items are required, before the script is generated

Telephone prescription requests - will not be accepted, as there is more potential for more errors to occur.

Housebound patients should request their carers to order their prescriptions if at all possible.

Requests for repeats are only taken using the tick slip. If the patient does not have their tick-slip, the surgery should print a tick-slip from the computer. Only items required for the following month should be ordered to avoid stock-piling.

The patient or their carer only should make requests.

Patients can send in a stamped addressed envelope with their request and this will be forwarded to them.

You can now also request your repeat medication online by clicking here

As of May 2015 the Practice is now live with the EPS (Electronic Prescribing Service) for further information please select from the below links:

EPS Poster                 EPS Patient Leaflet

Please note that requests made via this website are collated by the Practice staff ONLY ONCE A DAY AT 8.30 am 

Please Note that it is from then that 48hrs then starts