Child health surveillance


Childhood immunisations are provided at the practice by the Practice Nurse, and your child should be routinely invited for these.  If you think this has not been done, please contact the practice. Our childhood vaccination clinics run alternate Thursday mornings / Friday afternoons.

The vaccination schedule can be found by following this link;

6-8 week baby check

Babies are invited for a routine check-up with a GP at 6-8 weeks old. You will normally be invited for your post-natal check at the same time.

The 6-8 week check will routinely check your babies eyes, heart, hips and genitalia.

Health Visitors

Liverpool Health Visitors run weekly clinics throughout Liverpool. The Health Visitor clinics are designed to enable you to get your child weighed and for professional help and advice.

The nearest clinic to Penny Lane Surgery is at Wavertree Childrens Centre, Wellington Road, L15 4LD. You will need to book an appointment in this clinic by telephoning 0151 233 6870.

Follow this link to see a full list of local Health Visitor clinics;

Children's Centres

Dingle Lane Children Centre: Dingle Lane Children Centre, Matthew Arnold Primary School, Dingle Lane, Liverpool, L8 9UB contact: 0151 233 4930

Granby Children Centre: Granby Children Centre, Eversley Street, Liverpool, L8 2TU contact: 0151 233 3200

Picton Children’s Centre: Picton Children Centre, 139 Earle Road, Liverpool, L7 6HD contact: 0151 233 1200

Kensington Childrens Centre: Kensington Children Centre, 23 Quorn Street, Liverpool, L7 2QR contact: 0151 300 8420

Everton Children Centre: Everton Nursery School and Family Centre, Spencer Street, Liverpool, L6 2WF contact: 0151 233 1969

Vauxhall Children Centre: Vauxhall children centre, Titchfield Street, Liverpool, L5 8UT contact: 0151 298 2918