Prescription requests

Ordering Medication:

There are a number of ways to order your medication.

1. Online Access:

Patients can order repeat medication online using "patient online access" or via the NHS app.

Patient Online Access

NHS app

2. Written Request:

Post your written request into the post box on our front door or into our prescription box (inside reception).

The computer-generated right-hand-side of your prescription can be used to order your prescription.

3. Post:

Send a SAE with your prescription request and a printed prescription will be forwarded to you via post.



Prescription requests will not be accepted over the telephone due to safety issues.

Patients should request medication at least two working days in advance of when the medication is needed as we need at least 48 hours to process a prescription request.

Ordered on:                   Ready to collect:

Monday                           Wednesday

Tuesday                           Thursday

Wednesday                      Friday

Thursday                          Monday

Friday                              Tuesday

EPS (electronic prescription service)

Please let us know which Pharmacy you would like us to send your prescription to by speaking to a member of our team.

You can find out more information here; EPS Patient Leaflet


Medication Queries

Please contact a member of our team via telephone 0151 733 2800 or online here if you have a query regarding your medication.


Find your nearest Pharmacy here.